With passionate on unique design, high quality, and comprehensive service, yan Group conveys our ideas and clients’ requirements go far beyond ordinary design. We realize that clients have their dream projects with incredible imagination. As architects, we service by creating tangible projects from intangible thoughts with delicately care. We ensure harmonious space to delight of all who seek to gracefully combine the functionality and sense of aesthetics. Our job is to transform the physical room into the special space. The clients will receive elegance and cozy atmosphere with completely individual look. These concepts give designers and architects some opportunities to explode amazing ideas and create remarkable projects which clients can both achieve a unique and timeless look as well as your own preference and emotions. Yan Group was founded in 2010 with intention to become leader in comprehensive design services that serve all clients' needs. With more than 12 years of experience working on commercial and residential projects, our focuses are not only on designing process but also pre and post design services such as marketing survey, building survey, construction, and construction management. We service following budget, deadlines, and requirements. We pay fully attention to details and deliver based on exact timeline with the genuine advice that we provide throughout the process.

The name ‘Yan’ is derived from the Thai word, means ‘Place or Space.’ Thaweesak Watthanawareekun, founder of yan Group, aims to create the firm where remarkable architects join with passionate. Thaweesak received bachelor degree in architecture from Chulalongkorn University with class honor. With more than 15 years of experience in an architectural design field and real estate development, Thaweesak established yan architects under the belief that architecture can influence the ways of human life. His focus is not only into creating buildings but also creating the space that is able to communicate with the users through users’ experience.
“Creating signature assets with people-centric design”
Minburi Residence is honored to receive an Asia Pacific Property Awards Winner 2021-2022 on Architecture Single Residence Thailand. The award celebrates the highest levels of achievement. The 1,800 sq.m. private residence in Bangkok, Thailand, is beautifully designed by yan Architects with our pride on mindful attention to details and clients’ need. [see more]